Food to the Rescue Cookbook

Cooking, Food & Wine

By Paul Guyon

Publisher : Direct Response Marketing Results, LLC

ABOUT Paul Guyon

Paul Guyon
Paul is business and technology expert who helps business grow using technology and sound business and marketing.

He also uses his internet marketing expertise, selling his Food to the Rescue Cookbook, to raise money for a Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan.

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“New Food to the Rescue Cookbook:
Easy to Make, Unique, Collection of Recipes from
NW Michigan Celebrities, Chefs and The People... Helps Feed the Hungry"

Cookbook for People by the People

The Food to the Rescue Cookbook was created to help to raise community awareness and involvement with the Food Rescue program. It provides an easy way for you to make a charitable donation, on and offline. The cookbook makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves to cook or collect cookbooks.

70% of the sales of the cookbook go Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan and are put to use immediately to support its operation.

Since the project got underway in late September 2008; Local celebrities, chefs and the people have contributed over 100 easy to make, tasty, recipes including:

Mayor Mike’s, "Easy and Delicious Ribs"
Ron Jolly’s Tomato Vodka Penne
Marilyn Taylor’s Spaghetti Carbonara
Phillip Murray’s Iris Shortbread
Donna Fogarelli’s Gnocchi with Tomato- Saffron Sauce
Barbara Lemcool’s Sweet Salad
The Rev. Homer Nye’s "Our Pizza"

And many more...

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...Now this is my idea of a cookbook!
110+ recipes from local chefs, celebrities and the people. This cookbook has great recipes and it also supports an excellent organization. Buy this book!

Andy LaPointe - Managing Partner
Traverse Bay Farms Gourmet Foods
Voted America's #1 Fruit Salsa Two Years in a Row

One of my More Treasured Cookbooks...

Not only am I cooking from recipes some of my friends and acquaintances enjoy but I now know their "story" behind them. Most importantly, I know I have contributed to a cause that helps the betterment of our community. All of this combined, makes this one of my more treasured cookbooks.

Laura Oblinger
Senior Vice President
Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce

Great Idea With Many Fabulous Recipes...
I can't wait to try some. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this. I wish great salsa success to anyone trying my fruit salsa & chips. This recipe evolved from a fridge full of aging fruit and a house full of picky kids. Enjoy!

Lisa Leedy
Sky Telecom, llc.