Called Out

Young Adult, General Fiction, Christian Books

By Dara Nichole

Publisher : Beautiful Works Publishing

ABOUT Dara Nichole

Dara Nichole
Dara Nichole Walker is an author, speaker, inspirational blogger, and advocate of the Word of God. Her published works include She Is, But He Ain’t, and her recently released novel, entitledCalled Out. Mrs. Walker loves to work with youth, and understands what they need from young adult More...


Akiva Niran is finally entering her senior year of high school. These three years have been tough at Community Tech High School, but she made it. However, her last year in school comes with many more challenges;  between her brother coming of age and getting more attention from girls, to her cousin dealing with her relationship with a boyfriend that is way too old for her, Akiva is giving a lot of her prayer time, wisdom and herself to her family.
On top of family drama, Akiva’s dreams of dating the smartest, hottest, and most gracious guy in school (James) are threatened by a beautiful, popular cheerleader, Shawny, who will go to any lengths to make James her man.  As Akiva learns of James’ secret crush on her and rumors start to spread about their “soon to be” relationship, Akiva meets another boy, Alex, whose looks could knock her off her feet.  Does she choose the guy she believes she is meant to be with and deal with fighting off his “personal fan club”, or does she tempt fate, and take the unfamiliar route that leads to Alex?
Dara Nichole arrives on the inspirational scene with a page-turning novel that will leave you yearning for more! The characters are relatable, real, and refreshing; I couldn't wait to read about what happens next.  Every teenager in search of a good book filled with true love, happiness and a splash of drama should read this book.  You'll be glad you did!"
             -Kim Brooks, author of, He's Fine...But is He Saved? and How To Date and Stay Saved

Dara Nichole's debut novel, "Called Out" is real, relevant and gives young adults a story that they can relate to by addressing issues and situations that they deal with everyday.  This is a story that will not only give the young people the entertainment that they so diligently seek, but will also leave them with a powerful message.  This tale of friends, family and faith is one that will resonate with readers for years to come.

-Monica Marie Jones,  Author of The Ups and downs of being round, Taste My soul, Floss, and Swag