Against All Odds I Can BE

Against All Odds I Can BE

ABOUT Mo Stegall

mo stegall
Mo Stegall is a top Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Mentor, whose passion is educating, encouraging and empowering people to dig into their mental and emotional treasure chests and live on purpose. Known as "The Treasure Hunter™" because when your dreams are More...



Against All Odds I Can Be is more than a book: it's truly a guide to both changing and getting the most out of your life. In these uncertain times of economic disparity, emotional discomfort and despondency, the need for motivation and empowerment is paramount. Almost everywhere you turn, in every walk of life and in every community, people are feeling immovable, or overwhelmed and are in search of possibility and direction.  

 Mo Stegall shows individuals the importance of self-discovery, how to maneuver through adverse situations, and gives practical steps to achieving life goals. It offers proportional doses of Vitamin E, which stands for EMPOWERMENT

This book is for individuals, communities, business owners and anyone who is in search of transforming their today into a better tomorrow. This self-help empowerment guide is compelling, timely and very necessary but also challenges readers to reach within to unleash their inner treasure, organize their thoughts, construct a team of individuals who can assist them with accomplishing their goals and develop habits that will allow them to win in life.  
Against All Odds I Can Be gives you proven methods to chart a successful course, build effective techniques and accomplish objectives.