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Monique McKenzie
Monique Brown McKenzie, MBA is the senior editor at; the one-stop everything shop for getting published online. The multitalented award-winning author/journalist considers herself the eBook Queen because she’s helped a long list of hopeful authors produce quality e More...



Become an author today and make $$ doing it. Creating Your First eBook will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about creating your eBook with some additional tips on designing it, marketing it, and selling it. But here’s the big news: You don’t have to write one word and you can have your quality eBook completed in 5, fast, fabulous days. This 80-page information-packed guide takes you from concept to production and doesn’t miss a detail. eBook Queen Monique McKenzie describes how she actually put these tips into play and has made a boat-load of money doing it. There’s also a guest interview with eBook Pioneer, Michael S. Hart, the man who actually created eBooks back in 1971. You can see what he envisioned back then, how that dream has been realized, and where he thinks the industry will go in the future. So don’t delay, get your copy today.

eBook Queen Monique McKenzie wrote this book to help other writers realize their dream of becoming published authors as well as create a new no-overhead, hassle-free income stream. So many frustrated people come to Monique to express their dismay with the publishing arena, now she shows them just how easy it is to get published and make money doing it. Video Trailer:

Monique has the skills, experience, and willingness to catapult you to your next level of greatness!
--Mr. Kim Hunter
   president and ceo of LaGrant Communications