ABOUT James Wassick

James Wassick
i graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in Mathematics and History.  I currently reside on Long Island N.Y.


Edmund Drake returns to Bristol after three years to find his world turned upside down. The woman he loves, Sarah, is betrothed to a greed-driven governor and his father’s murderer is still free. He gets entangled in an unsavory web of power and is condemned to the British Royal Navy where he experiences first hand, the brutal conditions which seamen endured. An attack by the notorious Jack McGinnty forces Edmund into a life of piracy where he learns about loyalty, life and the dark past of this mysterious pirate captain.

What follows is a series of non-stop action filled with adventure, sea battles, wealth, and a search for true love as they sail the Caribbean. Layered with rich characterization and a gripping plot, Notorious delves into the daring lives of men and women who embark on quests to fulfill their hearts’ desires. A good read for young and adult readers, this fast-paced book blends romance and buccaneer adventure in a deft fashion.