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Oscar-winning actress Meridan Marks has just learned how disapproving critics can be when she takes the leap from America’s most beloved actress to burgeoning director. When her first attempt to direct and lead fails miserably, Meridan concocts a duplicitous scheme to deflect a storm of bad press. Exploiting an ardent fan as a stalker, the story is “leaked,” and Meridan finds herself once again in the adoring and sympathetic arms of her fans and public instead of being harangued by critics.

The press grabs hold of Meridan Marks’ “stalking” and projects a far more ominous picture of reality, setting in motion a maelstrom that transcends her intentions. When details of Ms. Marks’ peril reach the ears of Dallas food critic Lynden Hatcher, they hit home with powerful emotional force. Having outrun her past for over a decade, Lynden is horrified to recognize the demons of her past threatening Ms. Marks’ present. Her certainty of the danger in store for the actress leads Lynden to a moral precipice: If she preserves herself, she could jeopardize the life of another. In order to garner the strength and conviction it will take to offer her help, Lynden sifts through the annals of her past, when she managed to escape the machinations of the two nefarious men who have set Meridan Marks in their sights.

Consumed provides a limousine ride to a metropolitan world of fame and chicanery. It’s a world infused with aromas and flavors, suspicions and paranoia. Every step, every corner turned, every ringing phone is loaded with a sense of danger, and the little voice in our heads keeps whispering that paranoia exists for a reason.”

~Diane Carey, New York Times Bestselling Author