Connection Generation


By Iggy Pintado

Publisher : Booksurge

ABOUT Iggy Pintado

Iggy Pintado
About Iggy PintadoIggy Pintado is an accomplished and experienced business leader, executive, coach, speaker and author. He is an internationally recognized connection technology guru and a dedicated observer of societal and business models and patterns.
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We’re all connected

Whether you’re a business owner, corporate professional, entrepreneur, manager, executive, student, teacher or someone who is interested in how connectedness is changing our world, Connection Generation reveals how individuals, groups and networks have progressed beyond their intent to communicate - but to a tangible connection between people, information, experiences and ideas. Due to the advent of internet and mobile technology, this dynamic transcends traditional thinking about societal generations. It proposes that anyone who had access to a computer or mobile device since 1995 - regardless of age - is part of the Connection Generation.