The Con

ABOUT Gael McCarte

Gael McCarte
I am a psychologist who formerly intervened with criminals in Australia through the then DoJ.  I  fictionalized that work in The Con, It was published through a small but emerging publishing house in Tennesse using POD through Lightning Force.  I am a seminar speaker, writer, wife, moth More...



The Con is a fictionalized version of a psychologist's working with offenders through the Department of Justice.   Set in Fremantle, Perth, the Peel region (a fictionalized town called Pt Stirling) and Kalgoorlie.  The book has bikers, bad guys, cons, double cons, tattoos, drugs, departmental politics, elite private schools, tradies who now earn the same, or more as professionals, two contrasting weddings, wealth and homelessness and exploding hatred for the department. 

The book has cultural and psychological integrity and will be of specific interest to those working with offenders and interested in criminology.

It begins with a chat between Anna Lennox, Depat of Justice psychologist and her youngest son, Lachie and ends with a kick in the head for the reader that hopefully leaves him or her smiling saying "aaahhh she got me".

The author was a part of the team of psychologists working with adult community based offenders.  She instigated and with the help of many others instituted a program titled Justice Through Art.  The goal of the program was to assist artistic offenders, once released from prison, to continue their art with their same teacher, using the same techniques.  It was designed to be an independence maker, or even a wealth creator for the artists.  The Family Court in Perth displayed the area in its public areas for weeks.  That program was fictionalized in the book as an overall business program that allows a fictionalized artistic offender to open a tattoo parlor in the Peel area.  He named it “The Con Artist”. 

The book finishes with a surprise that will leave the reader saying “ahhh she got me” but he or she will be smiling.