ABOUT Gabor Lenkei Dr.

Gabor Lenkei dr.
He is writer and researcher.



“Should this book be science fiction, I might soon become a celebrated and popular writer. Even critics would praise my soaring fantasy! The trouble is that this is reality.” – Dr. Gábor Lenkei
The book has answers to questions that a doctor has asked himself to understand why medicine failed to heal.
Censorship means: “thought police”. It means other people deciding, dictating what we can know and what we should never learn.

  • Is health really censored?
  • Are vital scientific discoveries really kept secret?
  • Do some people really want us not to be fully healthy?
  • Are we led by the nose?

The answers are contained in the book. A businessman read it and said:

“This book is so dangerous that you’d better have a gun license along with it.” (B.G.)

A muckraker’s book? Yes, if you want to use that buzzword, but what is really scandalous are the things it lays bare and exposes. To be sure, this is a popular topic. So far the book has sold 130 000 copies and have been read by some 450 000 people, according to a survey. Perhaps the book will ruin a musty, deceitful world or herald a new health culture?
Decide for yourself. Buy your copy and read it!