Heart Over Mind

ABOUT Erin Austin

Erin Austin
E. Shane was born to write.  Her passion for writing was ignited at an early age when her parents would take her and her twin sister to the library.  It was during one of those early library visits, E. Shane happened upon the book series.  The stories took her on a journey like none she More...



Airen spent her love life trying to keep herself off of the heartbreak train. In the mist of her quest, Airen stumbles upon Nate, who she falls in love with. Airen believes Nate is the one, but sometimes questions his commitment. She is trying to remain patient with Nate and true to herself, without running him away.

Nate has never encountered a woman such as Airen. He finds himself in a struggle to be the man she needs him to be. He wants to give her what she wants, but his inner demons won’t let him.

Memories of past relationships gone wrong and the daily pressures of life begin to wreak havoc on their relationship. Both wonder silently if they should just walk away but fear bringing the other more pain. This internal conflict draws on the logic of the mind and the passion of the heart. Which will prevail? Airen and Nate will be faced with the challenges of following their mind which is the compass for their decision and listening to their hearts which provides the comfort they are each seeking. No matter which path they choose each will learn more about themselves and valuable lessons about the heart and the mind.

“Being an advent reader and having a list of favorite authors that I read all the time, I have to say that when I read the preface for E. Shane's new novel, Heart Over Mind, I was immediately intrigued to read more. This book was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. She is definitely on my favorite author list, among great authors such as the late E. Lynn Harris, Kimberla Lawson-Roby, Carl Weber, and a few others. E. Shane kept me wanting to read more and more, page after page. It has not only an appeal to women, but men should really sit down and read it also. E. Shane, please keep the novels coming!!!!!”
            ~Nicole Mitchell


“This book was great. It was hard to put down. Normally I wouldn’t read a “chick” book but I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. It was relatable and interesting; the different things that went on in their relationship, and how they made it through. This book will not disappoint!”

            ~Josh Bond


“Being a somewhat typical heterosexual male, I normally wouldn’t read a love novel (nor anything else for that matter), but this book is great because it tells the story from both of the main character’s perspective (Airen and Nate). I suggest that no matter what you wear under your jeans; thongs, panties, boxers, or briefs, purchase this book and you will not be disappointed.”

~Mach’ Boogie


 “I enjoyed the new book.  I have always been a hopeless romantic. The story line was great and I could relate to it so much. You really have a way with words.”

            ~Patricia Williams