A Time to Heal: Grief Recovery Guidebook

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paulina rael jaramillo, M.A.
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Whether our loss involves a person, a lifestyle, or even a cherished dream or memory, the process of healing is similar. Grieving involves the sentiments and emotions connected with our loss. Mourning is the expression of those feelings.  Because no two persons are alike, nor are they at the same stage in life at the same time, each person experiences healing in a different way and at a different rate.

The GUIDE book  portion of the bookset (A Time To Heal)  is a companion to the Workbook.  It contains beautiful     scenes of natural settings and inspirational quotes. It provides compassionate guidance through the various stages of healing resulting from any type of loss (divorce, employment, foreclosure, relationship, bereavement, etc.) and refers the reader to the corresponding pages in the workbook.  The last section encourages the reader to live in the present while discovering their passion and planning for the future. The books are sold as a set and make a beautiful gift for friends and family. 

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