Perspectives on Branding

Business, Money & Investing

By Jason Miletsky

Publisher : Course Technology

ABOUT Jason Miletsky

Jason Miletsky
Jason I. Miletsky is CEO, and Executive Creative Director at PFS Marketwyse, a leading New Jersey agency specializing in helping mid- to large-sized companies bridge the gap between traditional and internet marketing. An industry veteran, Jason heads up a creative team of marketing profess More...


The practice of branding has exploded in importance in recent years and marketers look to increase their brand’s ability to connect with their audience. But, for all of its importance, there is often much confusion over what branding really is, why it’s important, and how it should get done. This is particular true in the client/agency relationship, which oftentimes looks at a single branding issue in radically different ways. “Perspectives on Branding” provides both sides of the branding story. The book tackles branding by providing perspectives on over 100 branding sub-topics in the form of a point/counterpoint style from both the agency and client sides. Readers will gain valuable insight and understanding on branding through war stories and frank conversations between these two points of view.