No More Band-Aids: Stop the Cover Up

ABOUT Brooks J Young

Brooks J Young



Brooks J. Young, visionary, speaker, entrepreneur, and author delivers a dynamic message in her new book, “No More Band-Aids: Stop the Cover Up.” Truth and realness guide readers along the path of deliverance from past hurt and present discomfort, ultimately healing from wounds that continue to resurface.  Follow Brooks J. Young along her own journey and gain restoration that can be yours today. Learn that you too can have your bandages removed and start anew.

Young answers the following questions:
·How do I let go of my past to embrace and accept God's plan for my life?
·How do I forgive myself for the "scars" that I've placed in other's lives?
·How do I remove my mask to allow others to see who I really am?
·How do I allow my wounds to heal while I face trials and tribulations?
·Have I really been chosen by God to minister to His people?
· And more...