Detecting Magic with Dick Hunter: The Mort des Hommes Files by A. Jarrell Hayes

ABOUT A. Jarrell Hayes

A. Jarrell Hayes
A. Jarrell Hayes is a fiction writer, award-winning poet, and publisher. His writing has appeared in over 20 publications online and in print. He is the founder of Hidden Clearing Books, LLC. He invites you to visit his website at


What begins as a routine missing person case for Seattle's best private investigator, Dick Hunter, turns into a personal vendetta against a cruel murderer. The murderer, Mort des Hommes, happens to possess powerful magic.

In order to solve the case and avenge a death, Dick Hunter has to take a crash course in magic from the beautiful jinn Amie, and gather magical animal familiars in order to battle and defeat Mort des Hommes.

"In this entertaining tale, you'll be treated to magic and romance, but don't expect a predictable ending." -- Dannye Williamsen, Breakthrough Bookstore

"[A] real page turner. Give it a try!" -- Wulfstan, Vine Voice and Top 500 Reviewer on

"If you enjoy fantasy fiction, Detecting Magic with Dick Hunter is worth reading. The plot is interesting, the characters are exciting and humorous, and the story takes place in our own time." -- Book Reviews Weekly,