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Rachel Brownlow Ghostwriting

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Rachel Brownlow
While earning her BA in English literature & writing at the University of Texas at Austin, Rachel launched her freelance ghostwriting business. Like many young writers, she began building her portfolio with freelance PR work such as web content, press releases, and proofreading. She gr More...



Dear Potential Author,

Thank you for your interest in Rachel Brownlow Ghostwriting, my privately-run, Austin-based freelance ghostwriting business. I specialize in writing book proposals, blogs, memoirs, and nonfiction books.

As a professional ghostwriter, I take your ideas from conception to publication. Meanwhile, your project can be as hands-on or hands-off as you choose.

Most full-length books fall between 60,000 and 100,000 words and typically require between 6 months and a year to complete. When calculating payment, book length, time frame, credit, and content all act as variables.

During the ghostwriting process, I require at least one weekly hour-long interview with the author (either in person or over the phone). After the first few interviews, I will either compose a book proposal (to be approved by the author) or a book outline and chapter outline (which will also be submitted to the author for approval). Shadowing the author, in the case of writing an autobiography, is optional.

After approval, weekly interviews will continue, and I will provide the following:

  • Market research
    • I read any pertinent books, articles, literature, and blogs necessary to become proficient in the subject matter and aware of the current competition
  • Polished finished product (grammatically, structurally, conceptually, etc.)
  • Structured interviews with the author and any other persons included in the book (may be helpful for outside quotes)
  • Transcribed & analyzed conversations
  • A finished product told in your voice
  • Professional literary advice

The satisfaction and prestige of authorship are within your reach. If you are interested in continuing this conversation, please email me at rachel@rachelbrownlow.com to set up a consultation.

Best Regards,
Rachel Brownlow