Quotes for the True Leader

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Patrick George
Patrick George is a popu­lar motivational speaker and author of the books, “The Little Black Book of Leadership Quotes”, “Quotes for the True Leader” and his newest book, “You Can’t Fry Chicken in 8 Minutes but You Can Set Incredible Goals in 8 Steps”. Patrick’s passion f More...


After the success of my first book I was left with the challenge of finding more quotes that had a lot to say. I wanted to provide my audience with a resource that was easy to read and fun to use. Thus the “True Leader” title was born.
A true leader understands that leadership is action not title. The quotes in this book are powerful and although some were written over 1000 years ago, the
wisdom still stands. True leaders will gravitate to this book and want to have the wisdom and insight poured into them. Each page offers a powerful message that can immediately be applied and appreciated. I challenge you to find the quote or quotes that speak to you and by doing so I hope that you discover the “True Leader” inside of you.

"Patrick was able to find quotes that will inspire both the young and the experienced."

Jonathan Sprinkles

National College Speaker of the Year APCA