Changing Careers in a Changing World: Finding a Job that Fits You

ABOUT Carrell Chadwell

Carrell Chadwell
Psychologist and author of "Changing Careers in a Changing World".  25+ years experience in counseling and assessment, with emphasis on career and retirement issues.  Now retired and traveling the US with her husband in an RV.



This step-by-step guide and workbook helps readers assess what they need in a job, identify jobs that satisfy those needs, and prepare themselves to compete successfully for those jobs.  Numerous exercises and worksheets help readers define their interests, strengths and values, and match them to relevant careers. By following the steps, readers will know precisely in what ways a job will and will not satisfy their personal needs. Addresses job search strategies, considerations for older workers and disabled workers, and psychological advice on coping with job-search stress and resolving emotional blocks to job satisfaction.  Indexed; Annotated List of Resources. 

In the course of Dr Chadwell’s private practice, working with adults on career and retirement issues, several clients who found her advice and assistance helpful suggested that she write a book offering her strategies to readers. During her busy career, she never found time to do this. When she retired, she decided that now was the time. While exploring North America in an RV with her husband, she balances her hobbies (jewelry-making, jigsaw puzzles, and reading) with her post-retirement career, writing books and articles and blogs ( to pass on to readers the knowledge and strategies that she has acquired in her 30+ years of professional counseling and assessment.

“It's a difficult time to consider changing careers, and a lot more people are being forced to think about that option than perhaps ever before…  Thankfully, psychologist Carrell Chadwell has created this workbook, boiling down the complex considerations into easy-to-understand exercises.  Make no mistake, though – this is a workbook, and you're not going to get more than a sliver of its benefit by simply reading through it…  Close the study door, disconnect the internet connection, turn off your phone, and focus on what Chadwell wants you to do – anything else will be a waste of time to the reader, and a disservice to the author.

“Readers of the groundbreaking What Color is Your Parachute will recognize some of the same wisdom here, but in a form far less intimidating than Parachute's many hundreds of pages… Far too many people are being forced to consider new careers as they are laid off, or their industries are folding up underneath them.  Thank goodness Changing Careers in a Changing World is now available to walk us through this often overwhelming transition. “

Terence P Ward, Allbooks Review.

“Your first choice might not always be the best one. "Changing Careers in a Changing World: Finding a Job That Fits You!: A Step-by-Step Guide and Workbook" is a discussion of measuring one's own aptitude with the career they don't yet know that's good enough for them. From desires and needs for certain careers, personal values, and more, "Changing Careers in a Changing World" is a useful guide for those who aren't exactly sure what they want out of their career.”  
Midwest Book Reviews

"Changing Careers in a Changing World" has ALL the information in one place that I use when doing vocational counseling.  It provides a step-by-step guide to deciding what work makes you happy.  Then it tutors you through the requirements to get that perfect job even in our difficult economy.  This book has all you need!"
Ione Heartsill, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

"With Dr. Chadwell's help, I was able to make a somewhat improbable career change, securing a position that not only met all of the criteria I was looking for in a new job, but was with the company I most wanted to work for -- even though the company was not thought to be hiring at the time and the job was never advertised.  Thanks Dr. Chadwell, for helping me find the job of my dreams!"
Francis H., Attorney

"Dr Chadwell has helped me make insightful hiring decisions for close to 20 years.  During this time, I've used many of the assessment strategies described in her book to evaluate which job candidates will best fit the job I need to fill, and to make the best possible hiring decisions for my company.  Almost without exception the candidates have remarked about how accurate the analysis was of their personalities and work aptitudes.  Everyone who is looking for a job or a change in career should read this book." 
Kathleen Wilkes, CEO, Preferred Corporate Suites,Inc.