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LATRELL-- Being a star athlete comes with a price, especially when the people in his life are trying to set him up for failure. Dealing with issues that no teenager should have to encounter, how can he balance all of his past and present challenges while trying to stay positive and fulfill his dreams? TAMIKA'S playing with fire, living a life that could leave her with a lifetime full of regrets, and maybe even years in prison. Emotions tend to cloud people’s judgment; they take over the mind and make people act out of character. Will she be able to control hers before it's too late?
DARNELL's a hustler and a womanizer, but now he wants to settle down with the lady who has captured his heart if he can only capture her. Can he change his ways to win the woman of his dreams?
TONY, out of the eight years of marriage, he never strayed once. That’s hard to do hanging with his womanizing best friend, Darnell. Can he continue to be faithful despite all of the lust in his heart?