Valley of Flowers

General Fiction

By Chris Collins

Publisher : GIFT PRESS

ABOUT Chris Collins

Chris Collins
Chris Collins is the author of the short novel Valley of Flowers. Previous publicationsChris Collins has lived as an expat nearly all his adult life - mostly in Asia. He has visited India many times, where the story takes place. Valley of Flowers is his first novel, though he has been  More...


Valley of Flowers is a short novel of palpable ambition. It fights to move, entertain and enlighten. The story opens in the famed Valley of Flowers, or 'garden of the gods' in Northern India, on a bright summer's morning. It follows a 17-year-old Indian youth, named Nicolas Kumar, who is made to travel into the Himalayas - and to give his 'ego a death.' The initial crisis begins when Nicolas interrupts his father to tell him some good news. Once in the mountains he is forced to deal with his created ill-thoughts and feelings, along with the terrible tortures of Mother Nature. Eastern philosophy features, in the form of the Hindu holy text the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. It's ethical fiction and is a good school book. Valley of Flowers is Book 1 in the novella series Nicolas Kumar.