Everstone: A Rising Shadow

ABOUT Matthew Brumfield

Matthew Brumfield
Matthew D Brumfield was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. He began dreaming the concept of Everstone at the age of 14, where he started crafting his first draft of the story. Dreaming it as a series, he spent his free time during middle and high school writing and noting both the current sto More...


A shadow has crept over the Ancient Lands. For years the peoples of light have been at peace. Elves, men, centaurs, horses, unicorns, griffons, dwarves, and the other peoples of light have lived safely under the protection of the Guardian Wizards. But all is not as it seems. The enemy, Opirion, has been reborn. And the armies of evil are beginning to sweep across the lands. Those who once were guardians have split in power, half falling to the darkness. And the peoples of light struggle to unite as the shadow takes them by surprise. Enter a land filled with war, chaos, and the struggle of good and evil in the debut epic fantasy.