Book Promo 201: Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing

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By Nikki Leigh

Publisher : Write Words, Inc.

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Nikki Leigh
Award winning fiction and non fiction author, Nikki Leigh, provides Web 2.0 promotional services and virtual book tours for authors. Nikki brings over 16 years of promotional experience and over 8 years of online promotional experience to each project. She works with her clients to help th More...


Have you heard of Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing? Do these sound like high tech terms? The majority of people on the internet are using these things each day. Are you on Facebook or MySpace? Did you ever Digg a web page? Those are examples of Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing. There seem to be an unlimited number of social networking web sites, but one key is knowing which sites are beneficial for you. Another key is understanding how and why to use them.

Those are just a couple of things this book can answer for you in a down to earth and conversational manner. Award winning author Nikki Leigh explains branding, viral marketing, Web 2.0, blogs, podcasting, virtual tours, social networking and social bookmarking sites and much more. With that information and over 1000 resource links, this is a book that you will turn to again and again as you create an expanded and effective presence on the Internet to promote yourself and your books.

Are you ready to learn more about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Stumble and other elements of social media? Do you need more information to make the most of these new and popular social media sites? Then Book Promo 201 is the book for you. Award winning author, Nikki Leigh shares a wealth of information that she developed with over 16 years of promotional experience and it is written in an easy to understand and conversational style. She helps you understand how to develop your own brand and then takes you through a variety of ways to use that brand on the most popular social media sites. To help you dig deeper, she provides review questions at the end of each chapter. If you are looking for a publisher or if you are already a published author – you will find a wealth of information in this book. Over 1000 website links put a wealth of resources at your fingertips and can save you endless hours of research as you utilize the many free and inexpensive promotional options on the internet.

David Hancock, Founder - Morgan James Publishing - The Entrepreneurial Publisher


Nikki Leigh’s latest book, Book Promo 201 brings together the ‘best of the best” in book marketing.  If you want to be an author, or already have books in print, this book should be a permanent fixture by your computer. From Web 2.0 to blog tours, branding, on-line promotion, social networking, internet radio, trailers viral marketing and tons more, this book shows you how and where to market your book.  It will be a constant reference for both novices and pros.



I met Nikki Leigh a couple years back on line. Then we got to meet face to face at an event. I don't even remember which one. But since that time, I have grown to respect her so much that I am not even sure how to convey that.

I recently had the pleasure of getting an ARC of her upcoming release BOOK PROMO 201. I knew going in that I would be okay with it, because I was great with Book Promo 101. I just wasn't sure how she add to this or give me anything any more useful than she already had.

Review: Book Promo 201 Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing

Nikki Leigh leads authors and business professionals into a world that is ever expanding and changing. When I picked up this book I was still looking for a downloadable program to introduce me to the world of Web 2.0. Hers is an explanation that anyone can understand.

The tips and input from a variety of professionals is invaluable and easy to comprehend. I found myself sitting and wanting to take notes as I read, despite the fact that I had it all right there in front of me. Nikki has a way of talking to the reader, instead of talking at them like so many non-fiction authors. Her writing style is smooth and enjoyable.

If you are unsure about whether this book can help you as a writer or a person in any other business, let me tell you. The sections on social networking and podcasting are worth the cost of the book ten times over, then you get to factor in all the other sections.

This book should be required reading for anyone trying to promote a business online. Coupled with the award-winning Book Promo 101 it should be mandatory for any author going into the business before their book ever hits print.

It is too much information and expertise to be ignored by anyone. Don't miss the opportunity this author gives you to drive your business to success. You can't afford not to read Book Promo 201.

©Karen Syed, Owner - Echelon Press -


Who can benefit from Nikki Leigh’s latest book – Book Promo 201? Everyone who needs and wants to learn more about that mysterious sounding technology – Web 2.0, should read this book. I have been blessed to work with Nikki and I can tell you she makes those who are slow to grasp web 2.0 feel hopeful. Trust me she has seen me through what felt like treacherous waters and made them calm and inviting. Nikki is very knowledgeable and a very clear web 2.0 teacher. Her book takes this big weird world of Web 2.0 and makes it friendly and understandable. This book is her gift to the world and like her private teachings it is clear, simple and a steal at this price. Be smart buy your copy now and it is a great gift for your friends that are struggling to get a handle on social media, social networking and Web 2.0. I consider this to be the Web 2.0 bible and I keep it close to my computer for easy reference.

Gurutej, Owner and Founder of The Energy Gurus and The Blessings Center and


In today’s cyber world, Nikki Leigh’s Book Promo 201 is a beacon of hope for technically challenged authors who want to make optimum use of the Web to promote and market their books. From basic necessities like web sites and email to more advanced features like blogs, podcasts, chats, and virtual tours, the book is a goldmine of online resources available to authors. Leigh’s primer is the most comprehensive yet easy to follow book marketing tool I have come across.

----Shobhan Bantwal, author of The Dowry Bride and The Forbidden Daughter


Nikki Leigh's Book Promo 201 is a must have and a must read for anyone that wants to create a presence on the Web. Comprehensive and very impressive, it's a definite "wow!" Highly recommended for all. Bravo, Nikki for an outstanding resource. - Dyan Garris, Musician and Clairvoyant Counselor.


“Professional Book Marketer Nikki Leigh provides more than 1200 links in Book Promo 201: Harness the Power of the Intenet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing. In her sweeping tour de force, Leigh covers every angle of using the Internet to publicize a book and gives simple, step-by-step instructions that even the technically-challenged can follow. This is one book every writer needs and one all publishers wish their authors would keep on the top of their desks and use daily.”
—Arline Chase, publisher, Write Words, Inc.,


Book Promo 201 by Nikki Leigh is the must-have book of the year. After suggesting to other writers to buy a copy of Nikki’s first marketing-for-writer’s book, Book Promo 101, I can’t image promoting my books without Book Promo 201. This book should be required reading for all writers whose goal is to get their work published.

Book Promo 201 provides essential information for not only writers, but for anyone considering an online business. The topics covered are wide and the information invaluable – from social networking and using blogs to internet radio and podcasting.

Do yourself and your writing career a favor – buy Book Promo 201.

P. June Diehl, author of THE MAGIC & THE MUNDANE: A Guide for the Writer’s Journey -


"Let's start with the fact that anyone can learn to promote", writes best selling author and internet marketing expert Nikki Leigh in her informative and practical new book Book Promo 201:Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing. The author guides the new or established author through the powerful and unlimited book marketing opportunities available on the internet.

Nikki Leigh's newest book continues the book marketing and promotional series that began with the award winning Book Promo 101. Nikki Leigh recognizes that authors must take an active role in marketing their books, especially in today's more difficult economy. As a result, she provides both basic and more advanced techniques to using the internet to increase author and book visibility, to boost sales. The book shares proven methods of building personal and book branding, as well as building relationships with potential readers through blogs, social media, and the many forums and online communities available to authors.

Nikki Leigh understands book marketing well, and has employed the techniques outlined in the book, in her own successful online book marketing and blog book tour business. By sharing her experiences, Nikki Leigh guides authors through the often confusing internet and social media world. She demystifies the many internet tools including blogs, forums, and the many social media sites, and describes their various uses in easy to understand language. The book gives even the shyest author the road map needed, to navigate through and utilize the global reach of the internet, for building relationships with readers and boosting book sales.

For me, the power of the book is the practical and easy to understand style in which the book marketing advice is presented to the reader. Along with the step by step description of the many online tools available, is the information needed to use them properly. Nikki Leigh understands very well that many authors are shy or are reluctant to self promote or to market their books aggressively. As a result, she demonstrates how online marketing is less difficult than many authors imagine, and how marketing on the internet can also be enjoyable and rewarding. By placing strong emphasis on the many social media tools, and the relationship building power of online communities, the author removes all of the hard sell ideas often mistakenly associated with marketing.

I highly recommend the must read Book Promo 201:Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing by Nikki Leigh, to any new or established authors of both fiction and non-fiction, who are serious about expanding their online marketing efforts. The book presents a very reader friendly approach to online marketing that is both fun to use, and also leads to more book sales.

Read the essential Book Promo 201:Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing by Nikki Leigh, and build your online presence the right way, even if you have done no online promotion or marketing in the past. Develop an enjoyable online relationship building experience, and an enhanced reputation as a reputable best selling author.

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The world of online promotion can be confusing, especially for first-time authors who are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of blogging and the new frontier of social networking also known as Web 2.0 technology. So, why do so many people use the Internet to promote books? The exposure an author can have is virtually unlimited, most of the options are free or cost very little, and an author can reach people around the world without leaving home—that’s if you know where to connect with readers and what sites and activities bring the best results both financially and personally.

Nikki Leigh has taken the guess work out of online promotion including Web 2.0 technology. She starts with the basics of online promotion and expands by presenting a variety of promotional options. She gives examples to help you Identify your target market and create a brand, write for your target audience, and know your competition. Then, she defines Web 2.0 and tells what it takes to utilize the technology without spending all day online. She carries her instruction a step farther and deals with viral marketing–what is it and how can it help an author—and includes tips for joining social sites that focus on books and authors. There is even a list of sites that offer free or low-cost services where authors may upload book videos, get book reviews, start their own podcast, or be a guest on a radio show.

Book Promo 201 – Learn How to Promote Using Web 2.0 is a must-have toolbox for authors who need a quick and easy map to locate the best-kept secrets of online promotion.

Yvonne Perry, Owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Services


Nikki Leigh's Online Book Promotion 201 is one fantastic book that will be a boon to any author, professional or novice. It is loaded with fact–finding information that will help any author who reads it to perfect their marketing techniques. The book itself reads smoothly, completely geared to those not heavily technically oriented and is easy to follow and understand. It is and will be a wonderful reference tool for any author who is willing to use it to its fullest extent. I recommend this book highly for all authors, including myself.

Elena Dorothy Bowman -
Author of The Sarah's Landing Series, The Legacy Series, Time-Rift, The Odyssey and The Imposter


I really love the book.  I think it is a perfect desk reference for anyone who pursues social marketing online....not just authors. I am so impressed with the up-to-date info that covers the Virtual Social World extremely thoroughly. Many authors would have to admit, diving in by yourself is scary, but using this book will guide you securely & efficiently.  I have learned more than I could ever imagine knowing in just the few days since I started reading this book.

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Every author, whether new or established, could boost their marketing campaign to new heights by reading Book Promo 201. Many other books on promotion are like cotton candy - all fluff and sugar. Not this book. Author Nikki Leigh delivers the blue-plate special. She doesn’t just talk about promotion, she gives you real-world examples that work. And, she includes multiple tips from other marketing gurus who she networks with regularly. If you follow her advice, you will also build quality strategic alliances while successfully promoting your book.

Book Promo 201 is far more than an information or reference book. It’s a workbook. Each chapter has a series of questions to help you gain a working knowledge of that topic. They also help you tailor that particular marketing technique to your specific needs.

Another thing that sets this book apart is the scope and depth of coverage on all aspects of Web 2.0 sites. The Internet has evolved from displaying static brochures to becoming more interactive and social in nature. Gone are the days when you simply announce that you have an interesting book. Social networking gives you the opportunity to interface with folks of like interest. By using the extensive information in Book Promo 201, you will begin to build a community where you can share your passion with others who enjoy having conversations about the same topic.

Even established authors will appreciate the thorough listing of links related to book promotion. It’s likely you will find new links listed here. In fact, the time you save in finding these invaluable links on your own are worth the price of the book. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that an old book is new to someone who hasn’t read it yet. Previously published books could greatly benefit from a re-energized marketing campaign following the suggestions in Book Promo 201.

If you’re not tech-savvy, have no fear. Book Promo 201 is written in clear language that anyone can easily follow. The suggestions in this book will take you from know-nothing to do-something in a fraction of the time it would take you to figure it out on your own.

Book Promo 201 is not just a handy reference manual. It is a MUST HAVE for every author, no matter how many books you have published. Read it, re-read it, and follow the advice Nikki Leigh offers. It’s like having access to the minds of multiple marketing masters in one volume.

MaAnna Stephenson - Author of Just the FAQs series

Finally! Books for Non-geeks -


Recently, I had the pleasure of reading Nikki Leigh’s new book on how to become successful in book promotion titled Book Promo 201.  Today, there are perhaps more books marketed and sold on the Internet than in physical book stores.  With the change in the publishing and book marketing industries, I can say, without a doubt, that Book Promo 201 is and indispensable and vital reading material for serious writers. 

Just because you may have already read her first book by almost the same title, Book Promo 101, I can tell you that you must buy this new book as well.  It is full of extremely practical material that will make a fledgling writer into active, motivated and well-known author, if Nikki Leigh’s systematic approach to internet marketing is followed and applied to social marketing, publishing and linking to other writers and to readers.

I have worked closely with Nikki Leigh and she is responsible for what I consider to be a highly successful change in my marketing approach of my four novels, across the net and blog-o-sphere. I had to chuckle as I read her new very valuable book, Book Promo 201.  There is enough knowledge in Nikki’s head to fill several volumes, into the future.  Yet, with Book Promo 101 and now with 201, we can take Nikki with us wherever we go and use her knowledge as a veritable bible of internet book marketing secret, in which Nikki Leigh has gone out of her way to share so many of her proven secrets to selling books.  Nikki has proven her ability of getting the writers who work with her a level of exposure all over the net that many of us never thought we could achieve.  That speaks for itself.

I found Nikki Leigh’s new book to be very practical, very user friendly and extremely well organized.  Her ideas shine through the pages and made me understand that this monster called book marketing does not need to be so frightening nor seem so impossible.  If you are like me, I first found that writing the book and even getting it published was an easy task when compared to getting the word out about this fantastic new novel, I had written.  Then, I met Nikki and she opened up a new world, on the net, and I have been working at it and seeing my sales and my readership constantly grow. 

Book Promo 201 can accomplish the same thing for a writer who takes her ideas and proven formulas and applies them to their individual needs. She demonstrates things like the unique benefits of using the Internet to promote an author’s work. She clearly shows the benefits and the financial rewards to marketing, on the net.  She is also skilled, in this book, in showing more shy writers how to promote themselves across a very wide and almost completely free manner of gaining exposure to the millions of readers who live in cyberspace.  It has made all the difference in my writing career. 

Book Promo 201 details and demonstrates useful ways implementing such sensible and important tools like targeting your audience, branding yourself and your material, finding and effectively using social bookmarking sites, using blogs to promote your books and the importance of blog tours and using Internet radio.  These are but a few of the very interesting and highly useful points that make Book Promo 201 a book that every serious writer must read and use to develop a serious marketing campaign that can propel a writer’s career from frustrating and lonely to very exciting and thriving.  If you want to write books that people actually read and to develop a career in writing that can actually become solid and real, then you have to get this book and use it to become a writer who is well known and appreciated.  You did again Nikki, but I knew you would!   

Author Steven Clark Bradley


I’m so excited about this book! When Nikki first introduced me to her Web 2.0 marketing ideas, it felt like learning a new language. Nikki assured me, a better analogy was that of learning a new dialect. This has proven to be true.

Nikki has years of marketing experience, which makes her ideally suited as author of this book. She provides lots of ideas and hands-on information. This allows the reader to pick and choose those ideas that feel right for the marketing of his/her book.

Some of the things I found especially helpful for me: I’d come to a point in my professional life where I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone. Using Nikki’s information on social networking, I opened a Facebook account and started reading other people’s posts: authors, readers’ groups, and people from many walks of life, and networking with other people. By actually doing the work, I gained an understanding of how useful social networking can be.

Also, some time ago I started a blog for each of my three published books. Now that I’m co-owner of I recognized that I needed to create a blog for our company and make it a priority to post often and provide useful information.

That required me to step WAY out of my comfort zone to learn about twitter and other social bookmarking sites. Nikki goes into this in great detail in her book. I hope readers find it as fascinating as I do. It’s true what Nikki says about learning by simply jumping in and doing it. Experience really is the best teacher with this new technology.

If you’ve ever wondered how the pros create “buzz” for their books, you’ll find the answers inside the pages of this book.

Nadene R. Carter, published author and

Executive Publisher -