Otto Danish-American

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Barringer Publishing

Publisher : Barringer Publishing

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It is 1927 a young Dane, Otto Nielsen, abruptly quits the Danish Royal Military Academy. Arriving penniless in Copenhagen he admires his wealthy cousins and realizes that like his Viking ancestors he too is compelled to pursue money and attractive women. Coming to the aid of a friend in a bar he inadvertently kills a prominent lawyer and to escape arrest flees to Canada. There he hides at a silver mine planning to immigrate to the United States to seek his fortune. John, the mine’s murderous boss recruits Otto to steal silver ore. With his stolen silver money Otto and a young prostitute, Nellie, head for New York City. Otto opens a restaurant, which, despite the Depression is remarkably successful giving Otto and his now wife Nellie, free rein to make and lose fortunes. Ambition, murder, infidelity, guilt, and loss all play a part in this tale. The author lives in Virginia with his wife and dog.