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Jordan Eason
Jordan Eason (1992- ) was born in Savannah, Georgia to Brenda G. and Michael A. Eason and was raised there. In 2006, when he was in the eighth grade, he was given a writing assignment by his English teacher in which he had to write a fiction story in book format, complete with characters,  More...


Learn Spanish in a way that is even easier than the methods used by the most popular audio courses available today! This book was written by a non-native speaker and thus uses proven teaching techniques to help other non-native learn the language. Spanish Made As Easy As 1-2-3! is for you. It heavily stresses the most difficult aspect of the language: verbs. It delves deep into grammar, yet makes boring, difficult grammatical concepts easy to understand and is full of charts, dialogues, and example sentences.  It thoroughly familiarizes the reader with the language and gives the reader a great starting command of the language. The book is neither so long that it is intimidating, nor is it so brief that quality of instruction is lost.It has just the right combination of brevity and quality instruction. It even includes a chapter on how to easily convert thousands of English words into Spanish words. This is a course that is specifically designed for someone who is serious about learning, but would like to do so as effortlessly and painlessly as possible.
I found this book to be very helpful, especially the fact that it talks so much about verbs. I think that's helpful because verbs in Spanish are a very hard concept to grasp. I also really loved how page 18 begins a section entitled "You Already Know A Lot of Spanish." I thought it was so neat how it teaches the student how to learn so many new words without rote memorization. I never realized before that there was a simple trick to be able to make so many English words into Spanish. I already feel like I am learning so much. Its format is simple too because it's a lot like a combination of study guide and a textbook at the same time. This combo gives you just the meat of the language like a study guide would while actually including conversations, vocabulary, and activities just like a textbook would. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn Spanish quickly.

---- Gail White, student of the book.

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