Self-Help and Personal Development

By Ray W. Lincoln

Publisher : Apex Publications

ABOUT Ray W. Lincoln

Ray W. Lincoln
Originally from New Zealand, I have lived in the United States almost continuously since 1971.  My interests are writing, painting, hiking, fly fishing and photography - among other things.  As an international professional life coach and speaker, I help people to discover the direction  More...


Want to find the real you? Reach your goals? Revitalize your relationships?   Live your dreams?  Be alive and fulfilled like you never thought possible?  
Then, follow your blueprint - your InnerKinetics.  
  • Discover the fantastic forces (InnerKinetics) that shape you and everything you will be in your life 
  • Use proven scientific tools of self discovery to develop your strengths and get rid of weaknesses quickly and effectively
  • Pinpoint the dynamic purpose for which you were made 
  • Take a tour of your strengths and unleash their amazing powers
  • Discover the true source of happiness you long for
  • Remove the mental limits and fears that demotivate you 
  • Celebrate The Real You!  Understand yourself like never before

This book is self discovery with powerful new insights, the first book written on InnerKinetics! Hundreds of people are finding these insights have changed their lives and dispelled myths like...
Myth: Success is all about proven principles.
Myth: Everyone has weaknesses so all you can do is minimize them.  
Myth: I’m smart enough to find my own way to an exciting life by trial and error.

Adults who read I’M A KEEPER realized that the parenting book was a help to more than just parents. They were overwhelming in their requests for more guidance and understanding on a personal level. INNERKINETICS™ is my response to those requests and IT IS FOR EVERYONE! Follow it’s guidance to achieve all that you were designed to achieve!

 This is an exciting book... unlike any other when it comes to self discovery.  A must read and reference guide for all humanity. 
        ~ Vandi

Good tools for making positive changes...  ~ Catherine

The principles of this book gave me a purpose and direction in life that altered the course of my entire existence. ~ Drake

After 28 years of a good marriage and then learning our InnerKinetics, our marriage became amazing.  ~ Ralph and Amy

It’s never too late!  As a senior citizen who now understands her InnerKinetics I am doing what really fulfills me!  ~ Mary

After 30 some years of feeling awkward, becoming crushed easily, disliking myself, and 20 some odd years of trying to figure out how to deal with hurts, shutting down sensitivity and empathy, and "fix" myself because my INFJ blueprint was so different from most people ~ meeting myself and coming to understand that these oddities, passions, empathies, etc are my greatest strengths which I can harness to fulfill my purpose.  I've become a better mother, wife, and a happier person who's finding peace within.  ~Jennifer

This knowledge has changed my approach to ministry.  I now understand people in a way that allows thoughtful response rather than negative reaction.  ~ Larry

There is not a day that goes by without me using the knowledge in this book. I see people in a new light now.  ~Elma