The Princess & the Frenchmen/No Dogs Allowed! (The Adventures of the Poodle Posse)

Children's Books, Humor

By Chrysa Smith

Publisher : The Well Bred Book

ABOUT Chrysa Smith

Chrysa Smith
I’ve been a magazine editor, communications manager and feature magazine writer for over 20 years--learning and writing about  everything from celebrity chefs and pharmaceutical products to resorts, homing pigeons and pot-bellied pigs. About three years ago, my love of words merged w More...


Grab your beach ball and your shovel and come join Woody, Archie, Daisy and Mrs. Flout---as the adventures continue in the garden, at the shore and with a whole new host of furry friends that make managing the posse, even more puzzling.   In the first story, Woody and Archie must adjust to life with their new sister---who has a few ideas of her own about life with her new family. In the second tale, the posse heads down the shore for a little beach time, but must readjust their plans when they learn that there are 'no dogs allowed' on the beach. Funny tales with positive lessons, b/w illustrations for young readers transitioning to chapter books and dog lovers of all ages. (grades 2+) Suggested retail: $7.95.

Life with furry friends is never dull. When Princess Daisy joined the posse, the boys, Woody and Archie, had to adjust. Who's top dog? Who sleeps where? How many hands can pet a poodle at one time? Life changed and with it, the beginning of some more dog tales to tell in The Adventures of the Poodle Posse. Adjustments continued through daily life and summer vacation--a time when personalities were revealed when more adjustments were called for.

'Wanting to read and associating reading with fun are two critical elements in developing a lifelong love of reading. In Book 2 of The Poodle Posse series, Chrysa Smith once again brings a delightful mix of poodles to life in the reader's imagination. Entering the world of the Poodle Posse is a fun and engaging journey for the young reader.'  Diane Smith, Director, Roxy Reading Children's Program, PA