Sweet Tooth - Philip Ellis

General Fiction

By Philip Ellis

Publisher : e-Quills.co.uk

ABOUT Philip Ellis

Philip Ellis
Philip Ellis is an award-winning British fiction writer. After graduating from Aberystwyth University with an English and French degree, Philip travelled to Canada where he worked as a teacher, before returning home to England. Philip now works as an SEO content writer for a multi-site onl More...


"Everybody wants to be loved; it is the nature of the beast."

Sweet Tooth dives under the skin of the twenty-first century animal to bring you tales of love, loss, desire and revenge. An unearthed diary yields terrible secrets; a lonely young man tells a lie that spirals out of control; a trip to Italy goes horribly wrong for two lovers, and a little girl hears screams from the house next door...

At times funny and poignant, at others chilling and provocative, 'Sweet Tooth' is Philip Ellis's page-turning debut collection of fictional tales that will leave you wanting more.