The Map and The Stone

ABOUT Sarah Barnard

Sarah Barnard
Sarah was born in March 1969 in Dunfermline, Scotland, but didn't live there long.She currently lives in Chesterfield, a lovely market town in the UK.
She's a pisces according to one zodiac and a rooster by another. Make of that what you will. Mother to 2 children and running he More...


Rhys is 10 and he has a problem. There's a Darkling on his bed and it needs his help.

Rhys lives with his mum in a house that could use a lick of paint and a bit of love and he was called a daydreamer by his teacher at school.

But out of the corner of his eye Rhys saw things moving, in the hedges, in the trees and then when he looked closer he found things.........

Haunted by the dying Darkling he tries to find the magical Nexus to help the Darkling and his people  return home.

The Map and the Stone is part of the Portal Series and was written specifically for younger readers, but adults will enjoy it too as a short and more gentle introduction to the darker Portal series.

The Map and The Stone is currently available widely in paperback through most good bookshops, on Amazon Kindle and in other ebook formats at Smashwords.

November 2009 came round in a mist of ill health and I almost didn't take part. But during October my writing buddy and various other friends cajoled me into it, again. So did my kids. "But Mum, I want to read one of your books!" A kids book it is then. The Map and the Stone was written for my then nine year old son, for him to be able to read when it gets released, when he would be ten. It is told from the point of view of a ten year old boy struggling at school, feeling very alone, missing his dad. I set myself two challenges - the resulting story had to be suitable for my son to read and it had to be complete when I finished writing at the end of November. I wanted a shorter book this time.