My Medical Passport

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camille Lefevre
I write medical books and medical articles for the general public.



My Medical Passport is a very efficient way of tracking your child's medical history from conception to adult, as well as building the health history of your family. It can also be passed on to future generations. Should you be moving, changing your doctor or experience a medical emergency, your child’s medical history will be at your fingertips should any event occur.

Some of the content:


Personal data

Family Medical history (dads and moms sides and siblings)

Successive addresses

First ultrasound and picture

Pre natal and Neonatal Period

First examination at birth

Baby's foot print

Highlights of baby's first month

Parental guidance of feeding, bathing..a new baby

All visits to doctors and specialist

Dental examinations

Hearing tests


All medications taken

Full medical check ups every year and every 2 years after 6 years of age


Diet according to age

Infos on the living conditions

Advise on breastfeeding, pool safety

Detection of hearing and visual problems

Growth charts (for girls and boys)

Weight charts (for girls and boys)

Head circumference chart (for girls and boys)

Blood and other tests

Vaccination shedule

Vaccines received with batch nr + editorial on vaccines

Important numbers

Infectious diseases


And so much more....



Size A5- 135 pages