The Portal Sundered

ABOUT Sarah Barnard

Sarah Barnard
Sarah was born in March 1969 in Dunfermline, Scotland, but didn't live there long.She currently lives in Chesterfield, a lovely market town in the UK.
She's a pisces according to one zodiac and a rooster by another. Make of that what you will. Mother to 2 children and running he More...


At the end of The Portal Between, Lily returned alone.

Kate hoped Sam would follow and Kate's world was rocked again. Sam has problems of her own, the magic is out of control, and Lily refuses help this time.

Kate tries to pull her life back together but it's hard and she finds comfort where she can. But who else can wield the magic? Who challenges Sam's right to rule?

A mother and daughter of the true bloodline battle with a son who thinks he has the right to rule even as the magic changes him into the monster his father had become. People are damaged along the way but Lily thinks he might be saved.

If you're someone who skips to the last page to find out the ending, then please do. It won't help.

Second book in the Portal series and still the story isn't done..