ABOUT John Brinling

John Brinling
I have been writing all of my life. I wrote my first novel when I was sixteen.  “Black Dawn.”  It dealt with segregation and the KKK. Whatever happened to it I don’t know. Since then, earning a living has preempted long periods of my life when I wrote very little.  My wife and I a More...



This novel is a science fiction adventure with aliens and mutants and immigrants struggling for survival in East Africa, where deception, savagery and death are an inherent part of daily life, and where indigenous hatred and unimaginable horrors fuel anarchy and rebellion.


The Mbili are the ruling class.  The Ine the underclass.  In a land populated by these grotesque mutants, one thing is clear.  They will never live together in peace.  It is not peace the Mbili seek.  It is total domination.


When Paul Henry, an accountant for an international accounting firm, decides to emigrate to Uhuru, he knows only that he can never return once exposed to  the deadly Lassa fever, that Oneida, the love of his life, is scheduled to join him in two weeks, and that his life is pretty damn good.  He is disavowed of the latter even  before Uhuruan Airways Flight 100 lands in Mombasa, when he sees things out the window of the unmanned Tristar that challenge his sanity.


How does an outsider like Paul Henry cope in this environment?  He is no ordinary immigrant.  He is a survivor.  And his every instinct is to fight back.  Not only to escape, but to keep his fiancée Oneida from flying down to join him in the Hell that is Uhuru.


Unknown to the mutants and immigrants, there is an alien spacecraft circling Earth, which has more than a passing interest in the events unfolding in the Rift Valley.  Will these visitors from another planet stop Paul Henry if the Mbili and Ine prove incapable?  And what is their plan for the civilized world?  Especially Great Britain?