VIRTUE THAT COUNTS: Pursuing That Which Touches The Heart Of God

Religion & Spirituality

By Daniel Ogweno

Publisher : Strategic Book Group

ABOUT Daniel Ogweno

Daniel Ogweno
Ogweno holds Bachelor of Education (Moi University, Kenya) and M.Phil. in Mass Communication and Media Studies (University of Bergen, Norway). He is the founder of Christ is Lord Ministries—Worldwide (Cilmin—Worldwide) and the author of a number of life-changing books including: Virtue More...



Virtue that counts is elusive to many believers, because usually it is either too difficult to achieve or too insignificant to justify attention. Perspectives in this book help the reader see the ‘paradox of the magnificence in the insignificant, and the insignificance in the magnificent.’ Ogweno was motivated to write this book because he loves to see the practical pursuits of Christianity in daily life.


‘My writings are based on things that people can readily identify with. When I read and set the Scripture against these happenings, it is easy for my readers to see where theology and doctrine converge in order to bring out the practicality of Christianity.’

There are generally two things that make people lose out on the pursuit of that which touches the heart of God. Either, "It is too small, I never considered it important", or, "It is too big (difficult) I am overwhelmingly intimidated". On the one part VIRTUE THAT COUNTS is a 'spiritual magnifying device' that helps believers see a tree in a mustard seed and on the other, inspires people that there is no price too big when the pursuit of God's heart is at stake.