The Dating Adventures of HDJ

The Dating Adventures of HDJ

ABOUT Helen Morris

Helen Morris
Helen Morris is a predominantly Science Fiction/Fantasy writer working on a number of projects including a novel and a graphic novel. However early 2010 she found herself single and embarked on rejoining the land of dating in the electronic age. Her adventures were too amusing and disturbi More...



Too young to sit on the shelf and too old to live the single life proved a delicate balance for our heroine. Dating had changed since she was last single. All the rules had changed and she quickly learned that a lot of dating these days isn’t even done face to face. At the ripe old age of 28 (and still feeling 17), not looking for anything serious and not wanting to settle for the next ‘ok’ bloke that comes along meant there was the potential for kissing a lot of frogs.

That is of course (and we all knew this was the case really), the one fitting the list of everything she wants comes for her like Richard Gere at the end of Pretty Woman (although without his hair and the dodgy suit). It’s a bit of a longshot but hey, anything can happen.

So enjoy what happened to HDJ suddenly single, living back with her parents and just out to have some fun. Discovering that dating has never been more tricky than in the golden age of everything internet based and her adventures encountering cyber stalkers, cyber sex and the fact that sometimes you cannot hide from anyone!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life. Well maybe not, but it’ll make you glad you’re either stone cold single or up your neck in a relationship because Dating 2010 is not for the faint hearted.

For maximum effect grab an alcoholic beverage, stick on ‘Poison’ by Alice Cooper and allow yourself to laugh aloud at some of the stupid things that happen to HDJ or go on in that head of hers.

The book includes all 82 blogs published online and 18 brand new never before seen.