Dark Prince

Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Levana Hyll

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Levana Hyll

Levana Hyll
The youngest of eight children, Levana was creating stories before she learned to read or write by folding papers in half and drawing pictures. She lives in South Florida with husband, teenaged son and a fat tuxedo kitty. Aside from her love of romance and dark fantasy, she also enjoys lis More...



Devon is an archangel, bestowed a divine sword by a Dominatio on the day of his birth. Raised by Seraphs, love and kindness fill his life. Surrounded by angels he handpicks himself from Edenia's misfits, Devon feels like he is in Heaven... until disaster strikes.One minute he's trying to break up a fight between his beloved angels, the next, he's being awakened into a realm of hatred and distrust... all aimed at him. Three hundred years have gone by in the blink of an eye for him, his angels have disappeared without a trace and devils call him 'Master" now. Why didn't the Seraphs tell him he was a demon... the son of the fallen angel, Davariel? What's worse is that the only woman who can save him hates him. It's enough to drive a demon mad! Will Devon ever find his angels? Is he responsible for there disappearance? but most important, will Angel save him, or will he go insane and kill her too?

I started this story over twenty years ago. I dreamt about a beautiful angel that was trapped in a big frozen ball. He kept whispering into my mind "release me". He would cry and beg... it was heartbreaking. I started to write this story by hand, but developed a severe case of writers block until December of 2007, when I wrote the first draft called ANGEL OF DESIRE. I changed the name a few months ago to DARK PRINCE.