Arirang: The Bamboo Connection

General Fiction

By DK Christi

Publisher : PublishAmerica

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DK Christi
Consultant and author, world travel and residence in Europe, Asia & aboard Obsession in the Caribbean.  Consultant on multi-cultural diversity, organization change strategies, communication and publishing pitfalls.  Writer of adventure/romance novels and short stories:  Arirang: The More...



A modern novel of adventure and romance staged in exotic/global locations including Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean and including exciting U.S. locations in the mountains and the sea.  Romance threads life's journeys together again after they unravel, page by page, in a life of living on the edge from abandonment in a German blizzard to entrapment in a Baghdad airport.  The next chapter is the next adventure, including blue water sailing on the high seas.  The main characters strive for a happy ending through a lifetime of planning for one thing and living another.  Readers check their passports and climb aboard the roller coaster of overcoming adversity and reaching for joy.
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Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for Reader Views (1/07)

Jack has the bluest eyes Melani has ever seen. There is something special between them when their eyes meet. She met him at the tennis courts in Korea never suspecting their paths would cross again. Jack wanted them to meet again. Melani is married but her husband "spends his business evenings in the Kiesing houses, arriving home too drunk to miss me. Like Cinderella, the ball has come to an end."

Jack mesmerizes Melani. "He has impressed on me that our whole existence is based on our relationship together at that moment in time. The rest of the world is another place, not allowed to intrude on our feelings for each other. Nor do our feelings need to affect anyone else."

This is the life story of a young girl, from childhood through her "senior" years. Melani's life is an adventure. She travels from America, to Korea, the British Isles, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Her marriage to Derek began like most with dreams and ideals but it ended with affairs and divorce.

Another marriage ends in rage and abuse. "When he was good he was very, very good but when he was bad he was horrible." Melani and her son Brian were on their own again "with an ocean of tears behind us." Jack will always remain her soul mate.

This is a book of tears, joy, adventure, pain, love, duplicity and grief. Melani is a woman of great character and intellect. She is strong but doesn't always realize it. This book is a window into her soul.

D.K. Christi is a tremendously talented author. She writes "Arirang: The Bamboo Connection" from the first person perspective, giving readers the sense of being Melani. She offers great insight on the personality of her main character. Despite character flaws I could not help but love Melani. She shows strength that one would not expect; a strength that grows with each page. I could have been easily convinced that this was not fiction but based on a true story if I had not already read otherwise. The cover of this book teases the reader to delve inside. This book is of epic proportions. I truly enjoyed reading it.

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