What's Better than That, Seren Dippity?

Children's Books, Christian Books

By Brenda Hendricks

Publisher : Two Small Fish Publications

ABOUT Brenda Hendricks

Brenda Hendricks
Brenda Hendricks is a freelance writer/illustrator and speaker. In addition to writing and illustrating children's books, she writes an online Bible study/devotional page for adults at www.twosmallfish.org  and publishes a website for writers and illustrators at www.oddducksociety.org



     In this picture book sequel to What’s the Buzz, Bumbly Bee?, Seren Dippity, a character introduced in the first book, owns all the flowers in the field, but she has no intention of sharing them. She soon realizes greed produces loneliness. Through some sharing friends, Seren Dippity discovers if she shares, God gives her something better than flowers.

Besides a beautifully illustrated story  with a strong moral theme, this book  includes hidden pictures of Bumbly Bee on every page that parents and children alike will enjoy finding.