ABOUT Robert Saunders

Robert Saunders
Robert L. Saunders is the author of five novels. Including the Tommytown series; the author's autobiography set in the 1950's; The Monopoly Factor, a mystery of corporate deceit and murder; Gathering of Cans, and John Paul Jones: Finding the Forgotten Patriot. He has written a variety of More...



Mr. Saunders steps out of the box and encircles a world of writing that you would like to see more of from writers today. His passion and honesty drawn from his own childhood experiences are transposed into this captivating tale. Actually, you'll find it hard to believe that the author was able to sit down and relive his horrible experiences of living in sheer poverty and constant fear of a father that showed no compassion or concern for the welfare of his wife and children.

This family was dirt poor and the author made no effort to give me the impression that I would not be paying a visit to the home of the Beaver Cleaver's family. Still, the author sprinkled a bit of humor here and there because it kept the story from being so depressing.
So, travel back to the year 1955 and become part of Helen Foreman's world. Be with this 35-year-old mother with eight children as she makes another lonely decision as she struggles to provide them with food and shelter. She knows that no sorcerer is going to wave a magic wand to make all her troubles disappear.

Besides the mother Mr. Saunders does a fantastic piece of work of transforming his mind down from the level of a mature adult to that innocent world of Helen's children. In "Tommytown", Mr. Saunders reveals the thinking of the 11 year old Barry, 9 year old Noah and 13 year old Karen. I don't know too many authors that can make that transformation and still create a story that is entertaining and well written.

In summary, this is a warm, wonderful story that deserves every reader's attention.