Coming Home- A Second Chance at Goodbye

Family & Relationships, Romance, General Fiction

By Tori Bailey

Publisher : Tori Bailey Ink

ABOUT Tori Bailey

Tori Bailey
Tori is the author of the Coming Home series that include titles:  A Second Chance at Goodbye, Ethel's Song, and Love, Made from Scratch.  She is a contributing writer for The Georgia Connector and Walton Living magazines.  Her short story, Zippee's Greates Adventure, was published in T More...



Two women will fight to save Mac Harris' legacy.  

Maggie Cosby, the one he pushed away, will return home to Athens and the World War II hangar.  She will have to chose between living in the past or lose a chance at the future of love with someone that has always been in the shadows.

Anne Harris, the daughter that resented him, will discover the father that she refused to know.  Love will come from the most unexpected person that challenges her to open her heart and face her fears.  

Coming Home - A Second Chance at Goodbye is the first installment of the Coming Home series by Tori Bailey.  Tori uses Athens, Georgia as a backdrop and combines the worlds of aviation and horses.  Available in softcover only.  


Time is one of the most precious gifts we can give to each other. In the hustle, bustle and clutter of our lives, we forget to take time to nurture relationship with those that have impacted us. There are the promises of tomorrow and the excuses of why not today. Then we find ourselves out of time to fulfill the empty promise of tomorrow. That is when guilt, regret, and grief consumes us and we long with all our beings for that second chance. That chance to say thank you for believing in me. Thank you for picking me up when I could not longer move forward. A chance to let that person know that not a day passes that they are a part of it in thought, action, or spirit. That is what Coming Home - A Second Chance is about. How to move beyond the grief and finding self-forgiveness.

"Tori Bailey knows how to spin a Southern tale that is universal to everyone."  Barbara Barth, author of Danger in Her Words