Fallen Lotus Petals

Fallen Lotus Petals

ABOUT Jordon Papanier

Jordon Papanier
Marketing manager for a well-established technology firm. He has published numerous articles in local newspapers and national publications, and has appeared on television. A composer of songs and a poet, he combines his art with his technological know-how, creating rich and complex stori More...



The novel “Fallen Lotus Petals” is author Jordon Papanier’s offering to every reader searching for that gritty, sometimes funny, yet always compelling novel where the bad guys are beyond vile and the good guys struggle to come out ahead. In this page-turner, readers are immediately pulled into a story of deceit, of a frenzied struggle to save lives, and one man’s quest to make peace with his past. FBI agent Tom Larson is investigating a lost container at the port of Los Angeles. Little does he realize that this case will evolve into one of the most traumatic of his career: the exploitation of underage Asian girls, victims of human trafficking in the seedy world of sex slaves. Our protagonist knows too well the difficulties before him, having once faced the terrible challenge of apprehending the serial killer of call girls and dealing with his own sister’s domestic violence. Could he do justice to this case today, years later? In prose both poetic and hard-hitting, readers are thrust into the action, moving at mach speed through our protagonist’s attempts to save these children from almost certain tragedy, his challenge to find the source of a deadly designer drug, and yet another case in which he must expose the culprits advancing a new technology that can produce an undetectable plastic gun. And through this action and danger, what is happening with his love life? With a creative stroke, the author illustrates time and place, and characters of sufficient complexity to keep the reader guessing. Papanier pushes this level of tension until the final page.