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Tom Evans
I am a creative catalyst, unblocker, wizard of light bulb moments and an author of five books and counting:

- The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments
- Flavours of Thought
- Blocks
- Soulwave
- 100 Years of Ermintrude

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This is a book of transformation.

We go about our days not giving our thoughts a second thought. This is a real shame as our thoughts fundamentally changes the world around us.

In Part 1 Flavours of Thought, our thoughts processes are divided into groups of three, namely Ethereal Whispers, Unconscious Murmurs and Directives. Each group is then further divided into seven flavours.

By thinking about our each of our thoughts as having one of these 21 flavours, a transformation happens. We start to realise we are not a slave to them anymore and they will yield to our will and direction.

Part 11 of the book, Recipes for Fresh Thinking, then shows how these 21 flavours can be combined into 21 sample recipes (there are billions of other permutations) to tackle common issues like self-anger all the way through to finding your soul path.

The simplicity of this book belies its power as it is crafted from ancient wisdom but in a modern context.

“This book is intrinsically simple. Simple to read; simple to understand; simple to apply. Its simplicity is what makes it genius.”

If you read Flavours of Thought and found it intriguing, you may be thinking a couple of things … 1. Where did all that wisdom come from? 2. What else can you do with it? Well, I will own up to not being the generator or possessor of that wisdom. I am merely “the Translator” bringing ancient wisdom into a contemporary framework and context. What you have in this book is a translation, précis and simulacrum of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Tasting Notes ...
... what readers are saying

“It is the deceptive power in its apparent simplicity which allows this book to be easily accessible to both beginners and time served devotees of personal development work. It is cleverly engineered and crafted to produce both light bulb moments and understanding, whether it’s being read cover to cover, dipped into randomly or as an aide memoire when required. I do all three ... often!”

“It’s brilliant! I love the idea of thinking about thoughts in a way that encourages my intuition, without embroiling me in my intellect.”

“This book is intrinsically simple. Simple to read; simple to understand; simple to apply. Its simplicity is what makes it genius.”

“This book takes personal development it to a different level. No stuffy 50 year old theories that people still hang their hats on. Refreshing, thought provoking and inspirational.”

“I find it absolutely fascinating and I read parts of it every day. It inspires me and is already enabling me to make adjustments and to fine tune areas of my life that are in need.”

“Oh my, you are brilliant with your wit and insight.”

“Anti-perception is an intriguing concept and just on of the may gems to be found in Flavours of Thought which is a delightfully simple journey into personal development that can be used to build a much larger and more powerful framework that I believe hints at an even greater innovation which surprisingly is not often found in the personal development industry. I thoroughly recommend you read it and judge for yourself.”

“Through gaining an understanding of the flavours in my thought process and applying the recipes, I am now positively dealing with being hurt and rejected and using them to remove frustration and to find my soul path.”

“I have applied recipes to my business, to my writing and to the way I chose to live. I can now see that in every situation I have a glass half full mentality, where before there may have been despair.”

“I am completely blown away by the concept of just 21 flavours creating zillions of recipes to enrich your life. You take our basic thought processes simplify them, map them and then suggest ways recipes to open up new thought process.”

“This is one inspirational, magical and thought changing book that has the power to change your very being.”