An Unexpected Obsession


By Heidi Hall-Anderson

Publisher : Independent

ABOUT Heidi Hall-Anderson

Heidi Hall-Anderson
I am an author, a wife, a voracious reader, a devourer of guacamole and an animal lover. I love to entertain people! My books are aimed at easy, fun reading (and I hope to make you laugh occassionally too!). I love to discuss books (especially my own) and welcome comments and questions. H More...


Sex, Love, Betrayal: It all begins with An Unexpected Obsession.

Ava Scott has settled nicely into her quiet life. Successful author, college professor, what does it matter if she doesn't get out much? Passion really is overrated, isn’t it? Everything in her life is running smoothly until Cameron walks into her classroom.

The hottest movie star to hit the big screen in years, Cameron Sloane has it all; Looks, fame, women, money. So why does his life feel like just another role he’s playing? Can a chance encounter with a shy bookworm awaken his sleeping heart?

Can Cameron break down the carefully constructed walls Ava has built? Can Ava survive Cameron’s overwhelming fame and having her life exposed in the tabloids?

I've been writing stories for years, but a sudden infatuation with a certain celebrity began invading my thoughts. The entire plot for An Unexpected Obsession invaded my thoughts and would not let me sleep until every last word had been put to paper (actually keyboard). I was quite sleep-deprived by the end, but excited to find that what started as a celebrity crush turned into a book that is entertaining so many. I love having laughable lines quoted back to me and wish for nothing more than a reader who turns the last page and has been entertained. I really hope you enjoy it!

An Unexpected Obsession has 10% 5-star reviews on Amazon and a cumulative 4-star rating on Barnes & Noble.