Wrapped Around Her Finger


By Jody Whitaker

Publisher : The Digital Envelope

Wrapped Around Her Finger

ABOUT Jody Whitaker

Jody Whitaker
Jody grew up in the modest section of the California suburbs. The youngest of three children, the baby, as Mom would say. Writing came later in life for Jody. Flirting with gender rolls is Jody’s current writing flavor - for the moment.Jody resides in the Arctic North with one spouse, th More...



Jamie Sullivan is the whitest black guy you'll ever know. The only black part of his life, is the color of his skin and the women he dates. That is until the fateful day when he discovers his ancestry is not actually 100% pure Nubian. He finds out his third Great Grandmother was equal parts Cherokee and Caucasian. This event starts him on the road of self discovery. He begins noticing women of other races and explores expanding his dating options.

After he crosses his self imposed racial barrier, he begins dating Amanda, his bosses assistant. Jamie finds that Amanda knows more about black culture than he does and proceeds to show him a thing or two about the culture. Things are running smoothly between the two until Amanda's ex is released from prison on a technicality. He goes looking for Amanda and finds her in the arms of another man - Jamie.

See what happens when cultures collide, minds are opened, bridges are crossed and burned to the ground.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to undergo a crisis of identity? Jamie Sullivan knows all to well. He is an African American man who is in the throws of just that: An Identity Crisis. Now lets put a twist on things - shall we - and have him go through a personal renaissance and do the very thing he had not allowed himself to do before - date outside of his own race.

Bea Wellman On Sun, 27 September 2009 01:05:50 (TextNovel.com)

Loved this sentence: left her right there on the side of the road - in the middle of nowhere. I took my heart away from her that day. There was nothing else I could do - there was nothing more for me to say. And for once I was the one who had the last word. Powerful sentence!