The Irish Slaves


By Rhetta Akamatsu

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Rhetta Akamatsu

Rhetta Akamatsu
I am an author, freelance writer and website builder. I write about my two loves, the paranormal and the blues. The common ground between my loves is history. I love history. My latest book is The Irish Slaves, a  non-fiction account of a little-known part of Irish history. The one before More...



They came in the holds of ships, sometimes chained and taken against their will, sometimes kidnapped, sometimes tricked. Either way, they were sold to others to do their bidding, with no say in what happened to them. It's a familiar story, but these slaves were not black. They were Irish. This book will help you see that slavery is not a race issue, but a human one.

Many people do not realize that the Irish were slaves for many years before African slavery became common. The British regularly sent Irish slaves to the West Indies, the Carribean, and the American Colonies. Later, these Irish were "indentured servants," another form of slavery. I minored in history in college, and never knew this until about 5 years ago. It seems wrong to me that this history is so unknown. It is my hope that my book will help change the view of slavery as purely a racial i ssue, and show that is is instead a human issue.