Preparing The Princess To Be Queen: With 31 Successpirations for the Princess


Deborah D. Jenkins, a Pastor, Author of two books, Adjunct Professor and Success Coach, is a wife and mother of two and lives in Bronx, NY. A national speaker and Social Media blogger, Deborah is committed to assisting and providing resources for believers to live successfully through the  More...



The book has healing biblical lessons for both the Princess and the Queen. It provides a candid view of the Princess' struggle to reach her destiny.  It also provides insight for those charged with her preparation.  Once we deal with yesterday, we can begin today.

Telling the story of the Princess in her various forms. The book cover depicts the Princess as she should appear, but her reality is often something all together different. The author offers empowerment to all women and girls that is transcendent of race, through her shared and candid experiences. The aim of this powerful book is to have both the Princess and Queen view and define themselves from the viewpoint of God.

Everyone needs this message! Everyone needs to know their true value. I liked the way you not only focused on feeling valued but also on how to act that value out in real life and to teach it to our children in practical terms. Your book is for all people! The enemy does not care at all what our particulars are. But I am really happy you decided to design your book with a black princess. Every little child needs to see images of people doing and being things they aspire to be that look similar to them. ~Susan Filesi
Deep inside every female is a princess destined by God to be revealed in all her and HIS glory.  Deborah Jenkins candidly writes of her own confusing journey from the prison of pain to the royal palace. In Preparing the Princess to be Queen, Deborah systematically mines for us life-giving nuggets that unveil the beautiful inside a young girl.~ Dr. Mark Elliot, Author of Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor,

Preparing the Princess to Be Queen provides a candid, honest spiritual blueprint on guiding the princess in your life to become queen.  Rev.Jenkins has revealed several events in her life that could have been lifelong traumatic situations and allowed GOD to turn them for HER GOOD in order to help the Princess in your life.~Dr.Taffy Wagner, CEPF,