The Venom of Vipers

Mystery & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By K.C. May

Publisher : Peach Orchard Press


K.C. May
K.C. May grew up in the mid-western USA and in Hawaii, and earned a B.A. in Russian from Florida State University. After a year in Taiwan teaching English and studying Mandarin Chinese, she lived in the Arizona desert where she founded a Rottweiler rescue organization, studied karate, went More...


A supervirus threatens to wipe out the human population.

The only hope for the future is a cure hidden inside Ryder Stone. Created in a lab and brutalized, betrayed and hated by humans, Ryder yearns for freedom. On the outside, a group of human genetic purists want him dead.

When Katie Marsh, a brilliant young geneticist, discovers his secret, she must fight to protect Ryder, gain his trust...and convince him to save humanity before the purists destroy them both.
Kindle Books Reviewed's review of The Venom of Vipers

Greg Arnett, in his blog Kindle Books Reviewed, gave The Venom of Vipers five stars. He began by writing:

"When I started reading K.C. May’s The Venom of Vipers, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The book does not fit neatly into a specific genre. It has a little science fiction, a little mystery, and a little thriller aspects to it. May neatly combines elements of those genres to develop her story that stands out in its own right."

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Readers Favorite review of The Venom of Vipers

The reviewer at Readers Favorite gave The Venom of Vipers five stars. Here's an excerpt:

"K.C. May offers readers a fast paced plot. The plot flows smoothly with never a glitch. ... The characters are likable and well developed. ... This is a fascinating book that will please fans of sci-fi and fantasy."

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Motherlode's review of The Venom of Vipers

Grace Krispy, in her blog Motherlode, gave The Venom of Vipers four and a half stars. Here's an excerpt:

"K. C. May has spun another captivating tale. With this second novel, she once again proves that she knows how to string a story to maintain reader interest. The story flows along cleanly, and the transitions are smooth and do much to carry the reader along. The storyline itself is quite engaging. The idea that a virus could be slowly killing off the entire human population is not too out of the realm of possibility, and some of the ideas the author introduces in this tale are quite amazing, yet believable. It was a compelling read that was able to sweep me away."

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SFBOOK.COM's review of The Venom of Vipers

Antony from SF Book Reviews gave The Venom of Vipers 5 stars and wrote:

"The Venom of Vipers is insightful, creative and just such an incredible piece of fiction, highly recommended."

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