General Fiction

By Oli Johns

Publisher : eight cuts gallery press

ABOUT Oli Johns

Oli Johns
Oli Johns is the author of Charcoal. He runs the brilliant Gupter Puncher magazine, goes by 83 known and many unknown real and online identities, and is notoriously elusive.



“Apparently there are three popular ways to kill yourself in Hong Kong.

Throw yourself off a building.
Hang yourself.
Burn charcoal in a sealed room.”


Oli can’t stop reading Deleuze, only it doesn’t seem to make any sense. And he can’t stop thinking about suicide. And Camus. And that sort of makes sense. But only sort of. And then he meets a seventeen year-old girl on the internet and they meet regularly for mindless sex. Only it’s not enough to stop the anxiety. And the obsession with suicide, although he knows he’ll never kill himself. And then there was that Korean model, the one who killed herself in Paris. Was there anything he could have done to stop her? Is there STILL something he could do? If only he understood Deleuze.

The most exciting, naive, honest, compassionate, self-indulgent writer writing today.” Marc Horne (read full review here)

This is glorious writing – Camus with added warmth and humanity and a dash of uncertainty…Johns is an incredibly talented writer – gifted not only with the required depth of insight and self-awareness that is vital for any artist but also with enough humility to be an excellent communicator.” Write Enough (read full review here)