The First Book of the Gastar Series: "Act of Redemption"


C.C. Cole
I am a writer of dark fantasy from rural Mississippi, currently living a suburban life with my family.  "Act of Redemption" is the first of the four-part "Gastar Series," published in 2009.  The second of the series, "Children of Discord" is upcoming in the  More...


The once-great city of Gastar stands in ruins following centuries of war by undead monsters driven by an evil temple.  Victory cost the people of the knowledge to defeat another enemy, Zermon, ruler of hell, who seeks to extend his realm by annihilation of the few people left.  With the help of a sympathetic ancient dragon, volunteer fighters from the past war, and the arrival of a teen assassin named Shevata who is known to Zermon, they combine efforts for the existence of the people of Gastar.

I began writing as a creative outlet following the death of my sister due to a domestic violence episode. While I didn't consciously include my sister, myself, or any members of my family while writing "Act of Redemption" input from my readers pointed out that the character Shevata is "stuck" in a curse as a teenager, unable to move on with her life. The series follows her journey to regain her humanity. I agree that when my sister died, I was in shock and, like the readers noted, was 'stuck' for a long time, unable to accept that she was gone. But faith, family, friends, and creativity enabled me to find closure and the inner peace I needed. As part of my initial ad campaign for "Act of Redemption," I attempt to increase awareness of domestic violence, as anyone of any age, gender or background can fall victim to it.