How Can You Mend This Purple Heart?'

Humor, Biographies & Memoirs, History

By Terry (TL) Gould

Publisher : Night Publishing

ABOUT Terry (TL) Gould

Terry (TL) Gould
I was born in Akron, Ohio, and spent my childhood in rural towns across Missouri before joining the Navy in 1968. Following a 30-year career in business, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where I reside with my wife, Barb. 

'How Can You Mend My Purple Heart' is a fictiona More...


'How Can You Mend This Purple Heart?' is a blistering fiction built around the 15 painful months author Terry Gould spent in a Vietnam Veterans' recovery ward during 1968/9.

This is why his account not only rings faultlessly true, but also burns and bleeds the suffering of America's best who had typically been blown apart by a land mine, losing multiple limbs as they strained to save their minds and recover their sense of hope.

'How Can You Mend This Purple Heart?' is about those who always suffer the rough end of history, who used to beg on their stumps selling matches after previous wars where they were still regarded as heroes.

Who returned from Vietnam a hero, and what happened to those who returned home in many pieces?

'Purple Heart' is about as powerful as it gets - the ultimate humane tribute to true warriors, to the indomitable nature of mankind.

This book is based on my real-life experience of being in a naval hospital in Philadelphia which was used for the recuperation and treatment of marines mutilated ny land mines during the Vietnam War.

Comment from Jennifer Lea Lopez, author of ‘Sorry is Not Enough’ and ‘Confessions of a Non-Believer’ (and daughter of a Vietnam Veteran): There are not many books that can make you laugh and also make you cry—sometimes laughing through sorrow and crying out of joy—but Terry has crafted such a story. I dare you not to fall in love with every character, and I dare you not to come away from this story wanting to hug every soldier you meet. I don’t think you’ll be able to do it.

Comment by Stacey Danson, author of ‘Empty Chairs’: Thank you so much for writing this book. Vietnam hit Australia in the gut as well. I watched dear friends leave to fight as young men and return aged and broken. The time of shame and guilt that tore your country and mine apart needs to be told to generations that simply do not or will not remember. Your wonderful writing has provoked anger, sadness and pride. This book is cleansing, powerful, emotional and a must read.

Comment from Jennifer B. (extract from an online writers’ forum): This story truly touched my heart and there were many times I had to wipe away the tears, but I finally finished reading. This is a totally honest book and one of the best first person narratives I have read about the Vietnam War. It is simple and straightforward but also a compulsive page turner. This is not a story for the fainthearted, but it’s one that should not be missed. It stands tall with the best books ever written about men in combat.

Comment from Darrell Kuipers, Vietnam War Veteran, US Army: This book was a difficult read for me. I had to take breaks to keep from just quitting the reading altogether. But the real-life story of the wounded soldiers on Ward 2B, and the portrayal of their struggles, was too compelling to put it down. Their experiences, while unpleasant and very real, made their journey to recovery heartwarming and joyous. Thank you, Terry, for all the blood sweat and tears you put into this book.

Review by a Grateful Citizen: From beginning to end, Terrys story of his 2 1/2 year journey as a soldier from the small towns of Missouri to his unexpected experiences and time spent living with the wounded Vietnam veterans of 2B and Q ward is a must read. The stories are riveting. The language is raw, but why wouldn't it be? Sharing space with some of our nations most severely wounded soldiers was never dull. Terry reminds us all of the struggles and sacrifices his friends endured to serve our country. At times, I cried when I read about his friends Ski, Big Al, Bobby Mac, Earl Ray and others. They endured so much. Other times, I would laugh as I read about their adventures at Rosies and Rainbow Bar and Grille! Terry gives us great insight into the feelings of these guys at that time...both good and bad. This is a great book and a lasting reminder that we must never forget the sacrifices of his friends and others who gave so much for our country.

Review by nCn: A book that you become involved in from the beginning. This will make you laugh and cry. All your emotions will surface while reading about the experiences these heroes have. There is sadness, happiness, anger, hatred and love while reading. You can laugh at the antics of these soldiers when they "escape" for an adventure away from the hospital. You will cheer when they cling together to "take on the world". And you will shout a "well done" when they take on a pompous officer. You will have a new well deserved respect for these and all Viet Nam Vets will at long last. The author has accomplished an amazing task by bringing to life his experiences and having each reader feel his pain and sorrow and joy. And again I shout, "Well done".