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Laura Greenwald
Mother and daughter screenwriting team Janet and Laura Greenwald, have been helming The Next of Kin Education Project since 2002. NOKEP began after Janet’s mother Elaine Sullivan died at the hands of a Chicago hospital due to massive negligence. The hospital failed to notify them that El More...


In one afternoon  with 10 easy steps, our Ready In 10 Get Ready Kit teaches people who are totally unprepared for a disaster, how to grab everything they need -- necessities, keepsakes, vital information -- and evacuate in less than ten minutes.  Then once the disaster is over, they'll know how to get back to living their normal lives, as quickly and easily as possible, even if they're completely disorganized and have never been through a real emergency.  
With this book, you’ll receive a link to download all the Action Plans, Checklists, Grab It & Go Forms, Get Back To Life Plan & Wallet Cards you need to be ready to deal with nearly any disaster or emergency in 10 minutes or less.   Soon to be a PBS special. Softcover 64 pages.

Laura Greenwald is president of the Ready In 10 Network, Stuf Productions, Co-Founder of the Next of Kin Education Project. She is the daughter half of one of the only mother/daughter screen and television writing teams in the entertainment industry. Laura became an expert in patient notification and safety issues after the death of her grandmother Elaine at the hands of a local hospital. When she and her mother Janet uncovered loopholes in healthcare law that had contributed to Elaine's death, the duo joined forces with legislators to enact three healthcare laws to close them. They created the Seven Steps to Successful Notification System to provide hospitals like Dallas' Methodist Medical Center, with the skills and tools they need to notify and reunite trauma victims, John Does and unconscious emergency room patients with their loved ones, quickly and easily. After Hurricane Katrina, Laura & Janet used the knowledge they'd gained, to help families across America become better prepared for sudden disasters. She authored the book "Don't Lose All Your Stuff in a Hurricane," as well as their newest effort, the cutting-edge disaster prep system "Ready In 10". The goal? To have every family, ready to deal with any disaster or emergency, in 10 minutes or less. Laura and Janet have just completed their latest screenplay "Without Consent" which is now under consideration at major studios.

The Next of Kin Education Project, led by Laura & Janet Greenwald, is a pioneer in the world of educating people and families about the necessity to be PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE and to take action in emergency situation preparedness.

Impacted by a personal family tragedy several years ago, Laura & Janet set off to take a stand for families and make a negative circumstance into a very positive one, many times over. I was so excited when I found out "Ready in 10" was available in paperback.

Buy "Ready in 10" for your family or as a gift for your loved ones. It just takes one afternoon to get you and your family fully prepared. Buying this book and taking simple action now can seriously save lives, heartache down the road and keep you from saying, "Oh, if only we had taken the time to get the family prepared."

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