Thunder from Above Book 1: Harsh Innocence

General Fiction

By Tracy Van Gorp

Publisher : Publish America

ABOUT Tracy Van Gorp

Tracy Van Gorp
Reading has always been a big part of my life, so it was a natural step to take to become a writer. I am an artist as well as a writer. I love to create, whether its with paints or the written word. I have combined this passion with my love of history to create my stories that transport my More...



Fire and blood portended the god’s arrival when Rafn Vakrson was merely a boy. The night he lost his parents, Thor descended in a bolt of lightning from the smoke choked sky above. The mighty Viking god chose him that night as his own. Searing his shoulder with his mark, the god placed a storm inside Rafn that would call to him each day for the rest of his life. As an adult and warlord of Skiringssal, second only to the rule of his brother, Rafn has become feared by his enemies and respected by those under his leadership.  The ever present storm guides his fate and his future.

But what Rafn longs for the most is peace. Can he find it with the Christan woman Seera, who he has rescued from the clutches of his enemy, or will losing her destroy him?

And where will the gods and fate lead him next?

I have always loved the idea of the warrior. My Thunder from Above trilogy is based in the Viking Age. I had such fun researching this time in history and creating a main character that follows the old ways, and is chosen of the god Thor. But, I wanted to add in the element that Christianity was slowly moving in and replacing the Norse religion. So I thought the best way to do that was to have a mix of characters. Some that followed the old religion and some that were Christians. From my research I came to understand that it happened over time, and that the two religions co-existed for a time. I also wanted to portray that it was a violent time in history. So my thought was to create a Viking warlord, that was feared by his enemies and worship by his people and fought with the strength of ten men. No one was better with a sword, but what if all this Warlord longed for was peace?