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Cheri Foster
My interests include studying religion, politics, history and physics. In my life, I have been an avid reader, writer, book collector, technical rock climber, mountaineer, bicyclist, runner, dancer, business owner, customer service manager and friendly waitress.    My favorite au More...


"The Dance", the first in the series, is a true story detailing a volatile, yet extremely romantic relationship. Ms. Foster aims to explore why people stay in abusive relationships.

"The Dance" is a story that quickly draws the reader into the ecstasy of the couples quixotic romance. Each chapter in this true story, will keep the reader enthralled, from romantic start to the painful yet startling finish.
I read both books and they were both very good.  The first one really took me for a ride because I kept saying to you GET OUT, NO. The second book had me rolling, so much of what you said is so true.

You have no idea how you have helped me ...
my best friend is in an abusive marriage .....I am trying every way I know how to get her out of it ..... but I am realizing she has to want out ...... the tears I have cried would flood a river.

I read your book and I cried so hard.  I know love is very hard to let go, but once that abuse starts up it will never end. Once he hit me, he said he was sorry and then did it again. But everytime it got worse and worse, hitting me with belts, hangers and even trying to strangle me and hit me in the face or slap me.  I was in love with my eyes shut, kinda like you. We all make mistakes, but we never realize that we can get into those kind of situations. Granted I was with him for 5 years and the first year we were together I never knew such a thing of him abusing me in the future. He treated me just like Shane.

Have you ever hit home. Abuse should never happen, but it does. I hurt as bad as my friend hurts when she is abused. I feel the blows. I feel the pain. But there is nothing I can do until she decides she wants better in her life and walks away. The pain we feel as  friends is the same pain the abused one feels, just as helpless and lost.